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If you want your rooms to really tell your story, it is the accessories you put in them that will make the rooms truly yours.  All homes have tables, couches and chairs, but it is what you put on those tables and what you hang on the walls, and what rugs you put on the floor that make the difference.  Choose items that interest you, make you smile, and most of all are a true expression of yourself.  If you only decorate with things you love, your rooms will always be perfect.  Don’t let anyone talk you into a style that you don’t love, or try to convince you that only certain accessories will work in your rooms.  The absolute best rooms are a wonderful mix of everything their owners find interesting and can’t live without.  Make yourself happy and fill your rooms with only what brings you joy, then you will never want to move!


I am about to leave on my annual trip to the Midwest this weekend, so I have been packing The Nest with lots and lots of accessories.   You will find new pieces in every room, and in true Nest fashion I have stocked it with pieces from primitive to classic traditional, and everything in between.  If you are partial to dogs, I scooped up a portion of someone’s dog collection.  I love the Bert Cobb dog prints, but the large Staffordshire dog is awesome too. But my favorite is the large Lladro dog head.  This is a retired piece, so you will not find another one of these.


If your walls are looking a little bland, nothing makes them come to life like an awesome mirror.  I am a sucker for a great mirror, so whenever I find one I have to put it in The Nest.  I really like the one in the Dining Room; it has a wide painted frame and is big and beautiful.  You can’t miss it when you walk into our front door, and there are also pictures of it on our website.


THE BACK PATIO IS OPEN!  You will find many pieces of really nice iron outdoor furniture.  There are dining tables and chairs, tea carts, side tables and a couple of coffee tables.  We also have some funky willow pieces, perfect for that English garden!  Check out the pictures on our website.


Visit us often as our inventory changes weekly and we redecorate almost daily.  We are full of ideas on how to use vintage pieces in lots of different ways and we always welcome your comments and suggestions.  We are open Wednesday through Sunday, 11-5 .



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