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Anyone who knows me knows I love old stuff.  You probably also know that for the last 13 years I have run the Warren County Antiques Show with Chris Beatty.  Well, this years show is right around the corner, it is Saturday and Sunday August 25th and 26th.  Chris and I also sell at the show and you can find us under the white tent and in the first booth of the pavilion.


But, I have to stress that what I sell at the antiques show is nothing like what we sell at The Nest.  The antique show is where I get to sell all the primitive and rustic stuff that I love, and that I have collected for decades.  These are the things that just do not fit into the décor at The Nest, but they totally fit the farm environment at the fairgrounds. 


I am rerunning the piece below that I wrote for the “Road to The Nest”.  Hope to see you at the Warren County Antique Show!



Every year for the last 13 years I have run the Warren County Antiques Show along with my show partners.  In the beginning there were four of us who handled the tasks of running the show, then we shrunk to three, and this year there are just two of us.  We have learned a lot about show management, we have made probably every mistake imaginable, and every year at the end of the show we question if we should do the show again next year.  The antique show was the brain child of Chris Beatty and me, so it is probably fitting that we are the two remaining partners.  We never went into this thinking we would make tons of money, but we both love antiques and everything old (including our husbands), and we felt the Warren County fairgrounds was the perfect setting for a show.  It turns out we were right.


Every year at the end of the show as we wind down and look at how the show went, we always find things that we could have done differently, decisions that could have been better, and areas that we really need to change.  We are exhausted, we have to leave the fairgrounds spotless, and we have tables and chairs to gather up for the rental company on Monday.  This is when we say “never again”.   But, over the next week or two we start to hear from dealers who had a really good show and can’t wait for next year, and from customers who found great things to buy and can’t wait to come back.  Our perspective changes. 


So, this year once again you will find me at the Warren County Antiques Show on Saturday, August 25th, and Sunday, August 26th.  My husband, Tom, will greet you at the ticket booth, and Chris and I will be all over the fairgrounds trying to keep it all together, (look for us in the golf cart).  You will also find our booth in The Pavilion, the first booth on the right with the white tent attached (there is a perk to running the show).  Mark your calendars!



Visit us often as our inventory changes weekly and we redecorate almost daily.  We are full of ideas on how to use vintage pieces in lots of different ways and we always welcome your comments and suggestions.  We are open Wednesday through Sunday, 11-5.



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